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Good Day,

We would like to inform the members and prospective members of the Northeast Oracle Users Group of a few changes that are being made to the organization. Northeast Oracle Users Group is a non-profit organization that works diligently to provide cutting edge Oracle education and awareness to our user community. In an effort to become more financially solvent and able to respond to the user community needs, NOUG Board of Directors has decided it is now time to restructure the membership policies and pricing The intention is to be able to continue to acquire nationally acclaimed speakers and conduct meetings in venues that are able to hold the membership community.

The NOUG Board of Directors find the New Pricing Structure change to be necessary for several reasons. Venue prices and expenses for obtaining quality Keynote speakers has become an extremely difficult and expensive task. The ability to provide quality Keynote Speakers and Educational Training Days is purely dependent upon membership and dues being paid. Prior members have registered for Events and NOUG has had to pay for those members, even when they did not attend. Venue prices have increased dramatically in the past 5 years. The DBA SIG has had increased attendance, however, expenses for food / facilities has overloaded the budget.

The new pricing structure will be as follows:

Corporate Memberships will no longer exist (profit/ non-profit)
Individual Memberships will be the only type that will exist at $40 annually

The Annual Membership fee will be for the calendar year Jan-Dec.
Each Educational Training Day will have a fee associated with it to attend.

There will be two prices: Membership fee/ Non-Membership fee for each event

Example: For a paid member, attendance for an Educational Training Day may be $100, whereas, a non-member would pay $125.
NOTE: This is an example. Events will be on the web-site with pricing for each event.

DBA SIG events will also incur a meeting fee for both Members/ Non-Members.

For those who have paid their memberships Jan-Jun 2014 ($80 individual)--you will be considered paid for membership 2014/2015.
If you have not paid membership yet, July-Dec ($40 individual) --you will be considered paid for membership 2014 only.
Previously paid Corporate memberships (Means 10 people (identified by name) will be considered to have Individual Memberships for 2014.
Going forward, only Individual memberships will exist.

NOUG’s goal is to provide the best Educational Training Days possible., increasing the membership, improving our web site and obtaining the best speakers for our meetings for the remainder of 2014 and each year thereafter. Please work with us to move forward in a positive direction and make this User Community the best that it can be. Also, we always are open to and appreciate volunteers to help with the events. If you have any suggestions on possible venues for a group of our size to hold meetings, we would appreciate your input.

Any questions, please feel free to reply to treasurer@noug.com.

Thank you in advance for your participation is supporting NOUG and moving in the right direction for the future of the group.

See you at the fall meeting!

Best Regards,
NOUG Board of Directors

08:00AM - 11:45AM Oracle 12c Modern Platform for the Modern Business
Oracle Corporation
This is a FREE event sponsored by Oracle Corporation.

Link to register:


Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston
40 Edwin Land Blvd
Cambridge, MA 02142

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