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UPDATE: Annual Memberships--$100 individual by 3/31/18; thereafter $125 individual
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06:00PM - 09:00PM NOUG - 1st Cloud SIG meeting - FREE
Arup Nanda,
Docker for Oracle Professionals

(For Cloud Professionals, Architects, DBA’s, Developers & Managers)

Synopsis: Do you know about Docker? Or, DevOps? If you haven’t, you are lagging behind. To make strides in the agile IT landscape today, you have to know DevOps and you probably have to know a lot about Docker containers. In this session you will understand what Docker is, how it works, how to enable containers with Oracle database, how to enable networking components especially required for Oracle tools and more. All will be shown with live examples.

TO REGISTER for Cloud SIG event - Jan 18th:
NOUG 1st Cloud SIG Meeting

NOTE: Future meetings will necessitate NOUG membership.

NOUG Annual Memberships--
$100 individual by 3/31/18; thereafter $125 individual

NO Corporate memberships.

*Those who have renewed recently for our last event (Nov) will be individually contacted to address their membership

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